Weatherby SA-459 TR 20 Gauge

Just completed working on a nice little home defense shotgun for a customer, which was the result of the review and modification work I completed on my own Weatherby SA-459.

Weatherby SA-459 Review

Although the work was basically identical to my previous post, I thought it worthy of sharing since this project may help someone out there find a great option from the fairly limited selection of 20 gauge semi-automatic home defense shotguns that are available today.  Weatherby certainly tapped a market that has been overlooked for some time.

Weatherby SA-459 TR 20 Gauge

Design characteristics of the 12 and 20 gauge are identical.  To review, the most notable features of the TR model are an 18.5″ barrel, 5+1 stock capacity, ghost ring sight, and interchangeable choke capability.  Out of the box the firearm comes with a cylinder bore extended-ported choke installed, which is ideal for home defense.  Still a major purchasing factor for me, the optional chokes offer a more versatile shotgun that can perform in many different situations.  For those shopping, the Weatherby accepts any chokes with the Beretta/Benelli mobile choke thread pattern. (I field quite a few questions regarding this.)

Since stock capacity is never enough, a +2 magazine extension was installed.  Similar to the modification I performed on the 12 gauge, I found that the Beneilli Nova thread pattern mated perfectly to the stock Weatherby magazine tube after some filing to remove the crimped end.  However, this time I went with a Choate extension kit and could not be happier with the results.  Aside from being one of the only companies that make a 20 gauge magazine extension, their product features a much stiffer spring and includes a barrel clamp with sling adapter for about the same price as the TacStar.  The spring will need to be trimmed slightly to get the perfect fit, but the extra tweaking was well worth it.

Choate +2 Magazine Extension

Handling the gun, I could feel the significant difference in weight between the 12 and 20 gauge.  Even with a full 8 rounds the shotgun was extremely manageable,  making this a perfect package for women or smaller shooters in search of a high capacity 20 gauge semi-automatic home defense firearm.  Just what every home needs!



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13 responses to “Weatherby SA-459 TR 20 Gauge

  1. 20gunner

    Do you happen to know the part number of the Choate magazine extension? The only 20 GA extension I see on their website is for the M1, and I didn’t want to order the wrong part. Thanks!! Love your review of the SA 459!

    • Contact Choate directly and they should be able to help you out. I know that they have been working on their website a lot lately, and may not have all of their products in the web store yet.

  2. Jim

    I called choate asked if there mossberg 20 a exstension kit would fit weatherby sa 459 20 ga lady who answered said no wondering if that is what you used and is she mistaken

    • The Benelli Nova mag extensions are actually compatible with the SA-459. I have successfully used the TacStar and Choate offerings. I have told Choate that their Nova extension will fit the Weatherby, but they may not remember.

  3. Ralf

    I noticed that on the picture above the attached Chaote magazine extension seems to protrude past the gas ports of the standard choke. Do you think that might damage the mag extension over time from the hot gas/high pressure. If possible I was thinking about changing the choke anyway, but I wanted to know your thoughts.

    • No. Gases from the barrel won’t damage the mag extension in any way. In fact there are several models out there where the magazine extends past the bore by several inches, with no problems. Take a look at the Mossberg rhythm as an example.

  4. Matt

    Do you know if they make a +3 or +4 Benelli Nova mag extension version that are compatible with the SA-459 20 ga?

  5. jb


  6. Stevieja

    Here is the website code for the Benelli Nova +2 20 ga Matt black, # Code: 21-04-32

  7. Steven L

    I am trying to get the orange piece that keeps the original spring in place. Can i just cut that piece out since I will not need it with the extension tube?

    Also, after the orange piece comes out I will need to file the lip down to make it flush … would it be better to use a round file or a Dremel?

  8. Frank Perkins

    Use a reamer. It takes 10 min and leave a perfect surface. You can remove the orange plug by first rotating and pushing the black keeper 90 degrees. it is eliptical.

    • Frank Perkins

      I modified my 20 as indicated and it is THE perfect home defense weapon for my wife and I. We also added a short rail (shimmed level) to the bottom of the forend for a small laser/light combo,,,Just put the red dot on the bad guy’s chest and pull the trigger until the gun is stops going bang. The old 12 gauge 870 Police Magnum, folding stock, mag extension and all has been relegated to the “Classic” section of our gun safe.

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