Weatherby SA-459 TK Review

In search of a moderately priced Home Defense shotgun over the past few months, my attention kept returning to the Weatherby SA-459.  Ultimately a few out of the box features, including a synthetic pistol grip stock and interchangeable choke tube, had me jumping on one this spring.

Weatherby SA-459 fresh out of the box.

Weatherby currently offers two models of the SA-459; the TR (threat response) and TK (turkey).  Both guns come in 12 or 20 gauge and retail for the same price.  The significant differences between the two models being barrel length, stock color, and included choke.  The TR is built with a 18.5″ barrel, black synthetic stock, and comes with a cylinder bore choke.  In the end I chose the latter, a TK model with 21″ barrel, camo stock, and extra-full ported choke tube.

As one of my personal firearms, I’ll be posting a long-term test and review of the shotgun and its performance.  At the time of purchase, MSRP for both models was $699.

Although my original intention was to purchase a shotgun solely for home defense, the deciding factor in choosing the SA-459 ended up being the versatility provided by the interchangeable choke tubes.  A feature not found in many shotguns designed specifically for home defense, the option to switch chokes will open the potential to use the firearm for several different applications (including turkey hunting, of course).  With 21″ barrels, the TK model is just slightly longer than the average home defense shotgun, but I believe it will still maneuver well enough in tight quarters to pull double duty as a defense/hunting gun.

Weatherby SA-459 looking mean!

First Impressions

Out of the box, the SA-459 TK is damned attractive!  The “mothwing” camo pattern is a welcome break from the endless line of black synthetic stocks.  With a 13.5″ length of pull the gun throws fast to the shoulder, and the matte finish and forearm checkering provide a firm grip.  The molded rubber pistol grip is supple feels good in your hand.  I have never been a big fan of a parkerized finish, and this gun is no exception after noticing a few light handling marks during the assembly.  In my experience, parkerizing is a little too easy to mar, but it will have to do.

After an inspection, lube, and assembly my SA-459 was ready to get put through its paces.  Check back in a few days for our first range test.

Assembled and ready for the range.

Range Testing – Updated 04/02/2012

After a few days of torrential Pacific North Wet weather prevented the opportunity to get out in open spaces to sight in my new SA-459, I finally had to settle for firing her first shots at my local indoor range.  Buckshot at ten yards really isn’t much of a challenge for any shotgun, however, some short range fire would add confidence in the guns ability to land a shot across my living room should a home defense situation ever arise.  With an itchy trigger finger, I chambered up a round of 00 and let it rip at B-27 silhouette target.

First shot. A few inches off center.

Not too surprised with the results, a few inches off target straight out of the box.  I will take this example and pause for a moment to stress the importance of sighting in your firearm even if you only intend to use it at short range, such as home defense.  It may seem like common sense, but I have known individuals that purchased a home defense firearm only to place it directly in the closet, and “hope” they never have to use it.  Although shotguns require less-precise aiming to hit an intended target, a feature that lends them perfectly to home defense, failure to properly sight them in brings new meaning to the “spray and pray” approach.  Above all other hunting and shooting scenarios, accuracy is most important in home defense.

Following my first shot, I attempted to adjust the ghost ring rear sight and bring the gun on target to center mass.  Despite turning the spring loaded adjustment screw, I was unable to move the ghost ring past the center marks on the sight housing.  This was a malfunction that would require some inspection on the bench back home. (more to follow on that)  A bit disappointed with the failure in the sight adjustment, I finished off the box of buckshot with a  round burst to test the cycle rate and recoil.

4 round burst @ 10 yards.

Unfortunately it was difficult to get a good sample of the semi-auto burst accuracy.  Ensuing the impact of the first two rounds the target began to dance and twist around on the hangars, as a result, the holes in the target are not representative of the actual pellet trajectory of the remaining burs.  (Note to self:  bring some weighted clothes pins to hang on the bottom of the target for any future tests)  However, the first two shots did appear to hit the target in the same location as my first single shot, which was just a few inches to the right.  For the time being, I’ll go out on a limb and say that the SA-459 does appear to be consistent under burst fire.  I should also note that this fire test was performed with the included extra full choke, which is not the ideal choice at close range.  An improved cylinder choke is on the way, and will be used for future short range testing.  For a gas operated 12 gauge, recoil was moderate, but nothing to be concerned about.  At the very least, the first few shots out of the firearm prove it adequate for short range protection, and I feel a little more confident hanging it as the “go to” weapon on my home defense rack.

Next it is back to the workbench to inspect the rear sight.  Check back in a few days for updated content.

Rear Sight Modification – Updated 04/05/12

Unable to adequately tune the rear sight on my first visit to the range with the SA-459, I headed back to the workbench for full inspection and dis-assembly.  Upon removal of the ghost ring, which is held in the sight housing by a spring loaded horizontal adjustment screw, the problem was immediately clear.  I encountered a number of burrs, left over from the casting process, along the edges of slot that is responsible for housing the ghost ring within the sight base.  The burrs were limiting the intended lateral adjustment of the ghost ring, and ultimately preventing the firearm from being sighted in.

The stock sight on the Weatherby SA-459 is probably the least expensive component on the firearm.  For most owners, including myself, it will be one of the first if not the only upgrade installed on the weapon.  That being said, I am not too surprised or concerned about the minor defect in quality.  However, all rationalizing aside, Weatherby does not deserve a free pass.  The sight being one of the most critical components in firearm accuracy, every owner should expect them to function properly out of the box.

Moving on, and despite my future plans to upgrade the sight, I can never pass up the opportunity for a little DIY gunsmithing/repair.  Although I do not condone or advise any unqualified owner attempting repairs or modifications beyond their ability, I will share my simple solution to the problem.

After removing the site from the gun, and the ghost ring from the housing, I was able to clear the excess material from the ghost ring slot using a cordless dremel tool and small grinding bit.  Be sure to remove the sight from the gun in order to prevent any accidental damage to the finish of the receiver.  Take your time, and be careful to avoid removing too much metal.  Follow up with a few minutes of sanding to smooth the wall of the housing, and finish it off with a gun-blueing pen to protect the newly exposed surface.  In the absence of a dremel tool, the same results could be achieved with a hand reamer or sand paper, and a little elbow grease.

Viola!  15 minutes later and the sight will function good as new, or more appropriately, as intended.

With the sight disassembled, this presented an additional opportunity to enhance the ghost ring visibility.  Following a few brush strokes of glow-in-the-dark paint, I was able to improve sight and target acquisition.  After re-installing the sight on the picatinny rail, the SA-459 is ready for a second attempt at sighting in.  Stay tuned for further review.

Ghost ring 2.0

Bore sighting – Updated 04/14/12

After fixing the sight adjustment on the stock ghost ring, I took another shot at sighting in the SA-459.  Unfortunately, my efforts to fine tune the rear sight were not rewarded, as attempts to sight in the SA-459 at ranges up to 40 yards all yielded the same results as my previous trip to the range.  I was able to dial in the vertical adjustment, but no matter what I did with the rear ghost ring all shots were landing to the right.  At this time I was sure something was out of whack and returned home to investigate.

Back to the workbench, I mounted a laser to the top rail and setup a laser bore sight in an attempt to compare picatinny rail and bore alignment.  Based on two unsuccessful trips to the range I was not surprised to find that the rail appeared to be slanted a few degrees to the left.  At just 10 yards the alignment was off about 1 inch.

In summary, the limited adjustment of the ghost ring coupled with the misaligned picatinny rail leaves the stock sights on the SA-459 severely lacking.  Or more accurately stated, simply useless.  Fortunately the sight is probably going to be the first and/or only upgrade most owners install on their SA-459.  I have heard of at least one other SA-459 TK with the same problem, and it is likely a defect in this run of Weatherbys.  Hopefully it will be corrected in the future, but if you do choose to purchase an SA-459 I would plan for a new sight as part of your gun budget just in case.

I have already selected Leupold Deltapoint reflex sight, which should be installed on my SA-459 within the next few weeks.  Follow my blog for updates!

Tacstar magazine extension – updated 04/14/12

Falling under the same category as those HD shotgun owners that place their firearm in the closet shortly after purchase and “hope” they never have to use it, another common misconception regarding home defense is the number of potential threats you may encounter during a home defense situation.  Most home owners falsely assume that threats will present themselves in limited numbers, possibly one or two individuals attempting to enter your home.  I do not intend to go into the gory details and statistics, but do a little reading on the subject and you will find that “strength in numbers” certainly applies to organized criminals.  The 4 or 5 round capacity found in most HD shotguns may seem like enough, but I would not count on it.  For this reason, I have chosen to upgrade my Weatherby SA-459 with a magazine extension to increase shell capacity. 

If you are also interested in increasing the magazine size of your SA-459 be sure to review your local laws before continuing, as some states impose restrictions on magazine capacity.  It should also be noted that since this is not a “bolt-on” upgrade and requires modification of you SA-459, it will likely affect the factory warranty.  Proceed at your own discretion.

Mag extensions are a popular upgrade for home defense shotguns, and there are several options on the market for just about every shotgun model….except the SA-459.  In fact, at the time of this review, there are very few aftermarket upgrades for the Weatherby as it is a rather new entrant to the home defense market.  However, undeterred from increasing the capacity of my shotgun, a little research unveiled that the magazine threads match those of the Benelli Nova and Super Nova.  After some review, I chose a TacStar +2 extension that will effectively increase the shell capacity from the stock 5+1 to a more suitable 7+1 using 2.75″ shells (-1 for 3″).  I believe you can safely assume that any extension designed for the Benelli Nova/Super Nova will also “work” on the Weatherby SA-459, or PA-459 for that matter, so you have several options to choose from if you can not find the TacStar model.

As referenced in the warranty disclaimer above, a quick fit check revealed that the extension would not be a simple “screw-on” upgrade as it is intended for the Benelli Nova.  When threaded onto the stock magazine tube, the base of the extension is not quite long enough to make contact with the stock forearm, preventing the cap from holding the assembled firearm together as required.  The second problem is in the design of the stock magazine tube itself, which is crimped inward at the end to function as the spring/shell retainer.  Fortunately these two fit problems share the same solution, but it will require some DIY gunsmithing to remove about 1/8″ off the stock magazine tube. 

In the heat of the moment, I forgot to snap a picture to display the end of stock magazine tube.  However, if you own an SA-459 you will quickly identify the crimped edge holding the spring when you remove the end cap.  Without removing/grinding out this edge the new spring and additional shells will not be able to pass into the extension.  Regardless, the need to remove about 1/8″ off the tube to attain a tight fit with the stock forearm will also take care of the crimped edge retaining the spring.

You have a few options when selecting a tool to grind the tube.  A dremel with grinding or sanding bit, hand files, etc.  Whichever you have available and select to use, just make sure you take your time.  I recommend you remove the magazine tube from the receiver, tape off the threads to avoid any accidental damage, and also mark the tube at the desired length before beginning the work.  I used an angle grinder for the first bit, then did some finish work with a dremel and fine hand file.  After a few minutes the stock magazine tube was shortened to the correct length and had a nice flush internal joint with the magazine extension.

Once the stock magazine tube has been modified to the correct length and internal dimension, begin reassembly of the firearm as you normally would.  Be sure to thoroughly clean and lube the magazine tube to remove all magazine shavings.  Also lube the mag extension before installation.  I also recommend installing a new shell follower at this time since the one supplied by Weatherby is fairly cheap, but it is not necessary.  Obviously, install the extended spring in place of the stock spring and then thread the magazine extension on to the tube in place of the stock end cap.  Installation complete!

In the event you want to restore the firearm to original specifications, you are still able to swap out the spring and extension for the stock components.  Since the extension does not have a sling swivel, swapping back to the stock spring and end cap may be a preferred option for hunting purposes.

While this is a nice tactical upgrade, do not attempt if you are not comfortable with the modification or it is beyond your ability to complete.  Contact a competent gunsmith to install the upgrade if you are still interested and it is legal in your state.  If you are interested in purchasing an SA-459 or PA-459 with the magazine extension already installed, feel free to contact me.

Weatherby SA-459 TK, modified for home defense.

Additonal content and mods to the Weatherby SA-459 can be found on my custom work page.



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69 responses to “Weatherby SA-459 TK Review

  1. Missie M

    Just purchased this shotgun last night and can’t wait to sight it in today! You talk about a stock sight upgrade but I cannot find this on the Weatherby website. Where are you finding this?

    • gundogarmschad

      To clarify, there is no stock sight upgrade currently available through Wetherby. However, any aftermarket sight with a standard picatinny rail mount can easily be installed to replace and upgrade over the stock ghost ring. I recommend a reflex type sight, such as the Leupold Deltapoint (which is what I will be getting in the near future). Reflex sights are very versatile and equally good for hunting and tactical situations. That being said, a new sight is not needed for the SA-459 if you are happy with the ghost ring. I would just inspect it for function first, and repair/modify (by a qualified gunsmith if you are not able) to correct any problems such as the one I posted above. Thanks for reading. Follow the blog to receive email updates for future content regarding the SA-459.

  2. Missie M

    We were unable to get the SA-459 to sight in using the current sights on it. With the rear ghost ring all the way to the left it continued to shoot to the right. Very disappointed. One of the reasons I purchased this shotgun was for the overall look. We have removed the front sight and the rear ghost ring and put a red dot scope on it. Was able to dial it in then. I may look into the reflex sights you mentioned.

    • gundogarmschad

      I too had a similar experience. Finally got out today for another attempt at sighting it in. I tried moving the ghost ring all the way forward on the picatinny rail, which applifies the degree of each adjustment, but still could not get the firearm to center in at any range. I will be upgrading the site soon, and that should do the trick.

      • Missie M

        I called Weatherbyy the other day and they want me to send the gun to them. I will get it sent off after turkey season is done and hopefully they will make it right! Thanks for the updates!

  3. Steven

    I am not a shotgunner, but have recently decided that I would like to upgrade my home defense arsenal. Currently all I have is a Ruger GP100 .357mag. I have what may be a couple of stupid questions, that I might even know the answers to, but I would like to know for sure. (#1) in most of the photo’s that I’ve seen of the SA-459, the sight seems to sit back from the end of the barrel an inch or so, and the barrel appears to be ported. In your last photo I see that the sight is almost flush with the end of the gun and that there are no ports. Have you modified your gun? Or is what I am seeing in prior photo’s, simply a choke tube? (#2) I know you said that the extension does not have a sling swivel, But are there any sort of clamp on sling swivels or universal slings that can be used with the extension so that it can be carried in the case SHTF? Thanks in advance for any answers that you can give me!

    • gundogarmschad

      Steven, thanks for checking out my review. The addition of a shotgun to your home defense firearm inventory would be an excellent choice. You were correct in providing the answer to your first question. The SA-459 comes stock with an extended ported choke tube, which you can view in the first few pictures of this post. Since the TK model had a extra full choke installed for long range turkey hunting, I swapped it out for an improved cylinder that is more suited for close range/home defense. There is no tactical or performance benefit from an extended or ported choke (they just look cool and are easier to change), i purchased a flush mount model to reduce the barrel length by about 1.5 inches. The SA-459 TR model comes with a cylinder bore choke, which would be perfect out of the box for home defense. In reference to your second question, you do have several of options for adding a sling to a shotgun without swivels. If you like the old school approach, there are a number of black powder type slings that wrap around the stock and barrel such as The Claw shotgun sling without swivels made by Quake Industries ( A more modern version is the boomerang sling, such as the Sportsman’s Outdoors Swiftach sling ( that has a sling mount attached to a thin washer that fits in between the magazine extension and forearm. The last option, and probably the most practical for the SA-459 since it already has a butt stock sling mount, is a shotgun sling mount clamp. There are many different options, and some mag extensions even come with barrel clamps. In fact TacStar (the same manufacturer that made the mag extension installed) also sells a sling clamp ( Hope that helps!

      • Steven

        Absolutely! Thanks again for the review and the follow up! Time to start saving.

      • George

        I recently purchased a Weatherby SA-459 and I was wondering if it would be possible to add an 8 shot extension mag instead of the 7 shot pictured here without it going past the barrel end, if I were to leave the stock ported barrel break?


  4. Frank

    Thank you for the review. It is obvious from your comments that you care about not only the Weatherby , but also helping others

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  7. Pat Herman

    Hi can you please clarify how to remove the mag extension tube from the receiver? Is it press fit or does it screw out? I also just sent an email w same question, but a reply in only one place or the other would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.

  8. Plow Boy

    Hey there, I’m currently in starting the process of adding my mag tube extension and i have the same question as Pat above, how do you get the magazine tube off the gun? Is it threaded or screwed/latched in place? Also, my mag tube for some reason only allows 4 – 2 3/4 ” shells, i figure there is something wrong with the spring of follower/plug so i was wanting to get in there and fix that before filing the threads off, you know, just in case i need to make a warranty claim…

    Let me know what your approach was to the mag tube mod, thanks!

    • I completed the modification without removing the magazine tube from the receiver. I believe it may be pressed in, and did not want to damage it by attempting to remove. I’m not sure why your magazine would only hold 4 in the tube. It very well could be a spring and/or follower that is too long.

  9. Redleg

    Since the TK barrel is 2.75″ longer, can you add a +3 mag extension if you use an extended cylinder bore choke?

    • Yes, in fact the choke that comes with the SA-459 is actually an extended cylinder bore choke that adds another 1.5″ to the length of the bore. Easily enough room to fit the +3 extension. Even without the extended choke, a +3 extension would probably only extend past the bore about an inch which would not interfere with the firing of the firearm.

      • Marc Harakal

        In looking at Tac Star’s website, there’s an 8-shot model available for the Benelli M1, M2, & Superblack Eagle. Is this the +3 Mag extension that Redleg is referring to? Will this be threaded the same as the one that’s designed for the 7-shot Nova/SuperNova?

  10. Marc Harakal

    I will be purchasing a SA-459 TK next weekend, but I would love the mag extension also. You mentioned that this could be purchased directly from you? Where are you located & What price did you have in mind? I live in Montana by the way.

  11. Deadeye Dakota

    Is that barrel longer than 18.5 barrel. Becuase ihave the threat response with the extended choke looking to do the tube extension. But it looks like a +3 might be needed

    • The TR model has a 18.5″ and the TK has a 21.25″ stock barrel length. The extended ported chokes that come with the firearm add an additional 1″ to the muzzle length. You can, however, replace these with a flush mount choke to keep the muzzle length at its stock specification. IF using the choke provide by Weatherby, a +3 extension could be added to the TK model without the magazine tube extending past the bore. The same extension on the TR model would extended the magazine tube past the end of the bore about 2″.

    • Marc Harakal

      Hi, the TK barrel is listed as being 22 inches. So I would think that the Tac Star 8-shot would fit, as long as the threads are the same. (it says its designed for the Benelli M1,M2, & Superblack Eagle, which are all shotguns, but the available mag extention for the Supernova is only 7-shot.) So what I need to know is weather or not it will fit the threads.

      • The TK barrel is exactly 20.25″ from chamber to bore, then add another 1″ for the extended choke making it 21.25″ from Weatherby. The Benelli M1/M2 has a different thread pattern than the Nova/Super Nova. If you are looking for a +3 Nova mag extension contact Choate Machine and Tool. You get a replacement follower and barrel clamp in their kit, as well as a better spring for the same price as the Tacstar. They do not list the nova/super nova kits on their website, but if you call they can get you one.

  12. Marc Harakal

    Thanks for the info Chad, I’ll get one of these ordered today.

    • Marc Harakal

      Hi Chad, I contacted & this was their response, “We make a +2 shot (6 inches long) and a +4 shot (10 1/4 inches long) for the Nova pump guns. I don’t know if it will fit the Weatherby SA-459 or not.” Would the 10.25′” model work for the SA-459 TK?

  13. Harper

    Hi Chad, I recently Purchased a PA-59 reaper and the mag looks to have some kind of a plastic tip on the end, When I depress it, it moves up and down about 1/4inch, also about 7/16 inch on either side of the mag tube there seems to be a slot . When I take two punches and push on both sides out comes the end of the mag with the spring ( be careful its a spring) leaving just the tube. Where do you suggest we grind off the 1/8 of a inch to get the +2 extension to fit ?? or would it be necessary ? Also I can load a shotshell into the mag and it slids nicely all the way thru the mag and out the front. I really appreciate you keeping all of us in the loop on these mods, thanks a million.

    • Johnnie-459

      I also recently bought a PA 459 and added the Tacstar +2 extension. Apparently either the PA models are made differently, or just the newer models because mine was exactly that same as yours. Nothing in the way to stop the spring or the follower from coming out and the tube was totally smooth.
      Still needed to cut that 1/*’ off the end so the extension would screw all the way onto the tube and lock in the barrel.

      • Johnnie-459

        Still needed to cut that 1/8″ off the end so the extension would screw all the way onto the tube and lock in the barrel.

  14. Harper

    Sorry I mean a PA-459



  16. nathan

    I Just purchased this shotgun for HD. I took it out today to sight it in and let my wife get use to shooting it. I started her with 12G 2 3/4″ target loads 1255 fps 1 1/8oz 8 shot and the rounds would not cycle through. The bolt didn’t retract enough to eject or refeed the next round. Has anyone else had this problem? This shotgun should be capable of of effectively firing these rounds correctly…Right?



    • They should sit these easily with the correct gas block installed. That being said, break in can take some time and things generally get better after a few hundred rounds.

      However, I recently had a SA-459 sent to me with cycling issues. Through some trial and error, i determined the chamber was slightly out of spec and preventing spent hulls from ejecting properly. If the problem persists after a healthy break in period contact Wetherby.

    • George

      I had the exact same problem with my SA-459TR in 12G. Out of the box it would cycle once or twice and then jam up….I’d have to then clear the shell by hand and try again. It got to the point where it would not eject any shells. I was told to completely breakdown the gun in order to remove all the factory lube and do a thorough clean and lastly to check to see if the light load cylinder was installed.
      Well I’ve done all of the above, but have not had a chance to hit a range lately. I certainly hope this has been the fix cause I’ve since done a magazine extension mod and I’m thinking Weatherby might have something to say about this if I end up having to send them the gun for repairs.

  17. Donnie

    I have the SA459TK in 20 gauge. The first trip to the range I couldn’t get the up/down to adjust on the rear sight. Back to the house since I didn’t have the right tools. Further inspection showed the spring under the ghost ring was lying on its side. I corrected the spring and went back to the range. Now my rear sight is maxed out to the left. At 25 yards my center mass of pellets is still 3 inches to the right. At 40 yards the mass is about 8 inches to the right. I have spoken to Weatherby about the issue and they did issue me an RA number to return the gun for analysis, but they talk to me like I’m nuts and say they have never heard of such a thing. I took my gun to a friend’s machine shop where he has all the measurement tools you can want. The Picatinny rail on my shotgun is about 3/32″ off center from the peak of the receiver. I will be very dissappointed in Weatherby if I send this thing back and they tell me nothing is wrong. It will be my last Weatherby if they do. I have absolutely no problem if a manufacturer makes a mistake for we are only human and prone to make mistakes. If you make a mistake, own up to it and fix it. That commands more respect in my book.

    • If you read my review, this is the same initial problem I had with my firearm. I have heard of one other with the same issue, but believed it to be worked out since all of the firearms I’ve handled since mine have been ok. You may have one of the firearms from that same bad production run. They should, honor your return and fix the problem.

  18. Donnie

    Believe me, I have read your review and the comments multiple times. I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one that has seen this issue. The two people I have spoken with at Weatherby have told me several times that they have never heard of this issue. That is why I am so concerned about if they will do anything about it. I won’t be able to get my shotgun shipped to them until later this week to find out what they have to say. And unfortunately, we are smack in the middle of turkey season and I have to send out my new turkey getter for repair. Very disappointing. Oh well, at least I have my Old Faithful as backup.

  19. Donnie

    Just like I thought. Weatherby will not back up their products. I just got off the phone with customer service and they said nothing is wrong with my shotgun. I guess five different shooters and a master machinist are all wrong. It will be my last Weatherby for sure. Anybody want to buy a shotgun?

    • George Tamayo

      I feel your pain buddy…I’ve had issues with my shotgun from the get go and Weatherby’s response has been that ” I have to cycle a few hundred rounds through it for break-in period”. WHAT A LOAD OF BS!.!.!
      This is my first and last Weatherby firearm, the name definitely no longer stands for quality.

      To be honest, I’ve seen the exact same shotgun at “Big 5 Sporting Goods” relabeled as Escort selling for $299.00

  20. My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different website and thought I may as well check things out.. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to exploring your web page again. Richmond Roofing Service, 6731 Pickett Dr., Richmond, TX, 77469, US, 281-973-7855

  21. Jim

    I just bought one today, sight problem appears to have been fixed by weatherby. 9 shots and had it dialed in.

  22. jb


  23. Thanks for the write up on this. I am in the process of adding the TacStar magazine extender to the SA-459. Do you have any insights on how the magazine tube is removed from the receiver? I would like to do all the machining of the tube with it off of the receiver. I noticed two screws on the shroud that holds the forearm in place on the receiver. Do you know if removing these will allow the magazine tube to be removed?


  24. Ben E G

    Hi I just wanted to post about my experience with the 20 ga SA-459 TR (threat response) edition. When I was first using the shotgun I had a lot of trouble getting it to cycle reliably with 7/8 oz loads of shot and rifled slugs. However, after going through about 120+ rounds of manually cycling/clearing the shotgun and cleaning it a couple of times I found a couple of loads that work. I have learned a lot about semi-auto shotguns recently and I realize this shotgun is not really designed to cycle “light” loads, but the two loads that managed to work with the light piston were

    1. Federal, 2 3/4 in., 2 3/4 dram eq., 1oz. load, 1220 fps, and #6 shot
    2. Kent, 2 3/4 in., 2 3/4 dram eq., 1oz. load, 1255 fps, and #5 shot

    From what I’ve seen on the internet about the SA-459 you need shells that are at minimum: 2 3/4 dram eq,, 1oz, and 1250+ fps to reliably cycle the shotgun. Let me know if anyone knows of shells with less power that work.

  25. Ben E G


    I wanted to ask what glow-in-the-dark paint did you use on the rear sight. Also was there any special application technique to the painting?

  26. Calvin

    Can you show or tell me how to remove magazine tube? Don’t want to break anything while in the process of customizing for extension.

  27. Joe

    Thanks for the excellent write up.

  28. Dave Zieelsch

    I too, purchased a pa-459 in the home defense model. ( Black everything) I had NO problems with the sights as mine not only accurate right out of the box, but right on the money at about 75 yards both wind and elevation.
    The problem that the model I purchase suffered from (and I want ALL of you to pay attention to this so that you can make sure it doesn’t happen to YOU) is that the gas system was screwed up right out of the box. It shot sweet and on the money, but wouldn’t load nor extract ANY type of shells, regardless of WHICH gas check- light or heavy, I put in the gun. The gun was actually shipped withOUT the gas check O ring that fits in the mid-way gas port of the barrel. I did not know this, having examined it prior to taking it back, I did not have anything to compare it to, but my gun would NOT extract shells and I knew it had to do with the gas system. The contract outfit that took care of my gun in Colorado indicated that they “ported my gas vents” in the barrel and did some other minor things, not mentioning that the gas check ring was replaced. I think it might reflect poorly upon Weatherby if they did. What I DID receive from Weatherby when I inquired of them was a VERY timely set of emails detailing my weapon’s progress and also a future “alternate method” of dealing with problems with their firearms. I was VERY satisfied with Weatherby’s support and response, what I was NOT satisfied with was the way that their contract gunsmith returned my weapon to me. It was scuffed up with scars in the parkerized finish as well as loose metal in the barrel that actually scarred up non-loaded wads that I chased down the barrel with a rod to see what would occur. What I would recommend to anyone having issues with this or ANY Weatherby firearm is that you contact Weatherby directly through their website and take care of your issue through THEM and not the store that you purchased it through. I feel this is the way Weatherby leaned in dealing with me through email support.
    Good luck to all. It is actually a fine firearm. I would and probably WILL buy another one….its just that what we are dealing with here is poor quality control at the prep for shipping stages. Outsourcing…. the death of our country. NAFTA stinks……..


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  37. Rick

    I have a Weatherby SA-459 TR and thanks to your magazine extension modification documentation, I have ordered the Choate kit. In preparation for this modification I addressed the forward sling connection issue in a different manner. I went to my local gunsmith and procured a screw type sling mounting base just like the one in the rear stock on the shotgun. I than took the fore stock off the shotgun and from the front end marked a center line back about 1 inch from the front end. With a nail & hammer I made a indent for a drill to start. I than drilled a pilot hole for the screw in sling mount base. I threaded the sling mount base into the hole creating threads in the plastic. I removed the mount base and cut the threads so they would not protrude inside the fore stock. I than applied a little 2-part structural epoxy in the threads and re-installed the mount base. Now I can attach my sling regardless of having a standard magazine or and extended magazine. It looks good and works great.

  38. robert

    Hey so my buddy bought a 459 tr yesterday and we decided to shoot off a few rounds but not only were the shells not ejecting property and jamming every shot but also when we unjammed that shell it wouldnt fire semi auto. Wed have to rack a round in every time. Is that because the shells werent ejecting causing the the second shell not to go in and not resetting the bolt or what. Like i know that once its not feeing youbhave to feed a shell in but we had to cock it ever single shot. Is this cause its just not broken in or is the folt not coming back far enough to eject the shells or what.

    • Flint

      I had the same problem. Immediately took it back to the store and they sent it out to a contractor for repair. Came back with notes that they polished the bore, deburred the slide and test fired OK. I took it out again and with target loads it would at least try to cycle now but would still ‘stove pipe’ with every shot. I did have the light load cylinder in place. I brought it home and disassembled the action. The parkerized finish that is on the outside is also all over the inside of the bolt and slides. I sanded and steel woolled all the parts that slide, oiled it and put it back together. It seems to cycle smoother by hannd, but I haven’t had the chance to shoot it yet. I am hopeful that it will work with target loads now. I don’t understand why there would be parkerized finish on metal parts that are supposed to slide. I’ll stick with Browning from now on.

  39. Good info about shotguns you have shared. SA-49 TK comes in 12 and 20 gauge for the same price. The major difference in these models is only Barrels length and color. Thanks for sharing.

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